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6 Reasons why Truly Office is the best Microsoft Office alternative

  • 1
    Best in class data privacy

    Unlike many other office suites, Truly Office never collects your usage data or sells it to third parties. Your work stays private.

  • 2
    24/7 Customer support

    No tracking. No monitoring. No selling data. Truly Office doesn't monitor your activity, so your work stays private and more secure.

  • 3
    30-day money-back guarantee

    Unlike other office app suites, Truly Office is completely free of any ads or pop-ups. Stay focused on your work without distractions.

  • 4
    Effortless Dropbox integration

    Seamlessly sync and access your files across devices. Truly Office integrates natively with Dropbox for efficient collaboration.

  • 5
    Zero ads

    Unlike other office app suites, Truly Office is completely free of any ads or pop-ups. Stay focused on your work without distractions.

  • 6
    Works Offline

    No internet? No worries! Truly Office is fully functional offline, and syncs when back online, ensuring work can happen anytime, anywhere.

Try Truly Office Risk-Free Available for Windows and iOS

Discover Truly Office Apps

Truly Office has everything you need for work, school, or home use.
Fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats.

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Same workflow better privacy

Seamlessly open and edit Word, Excel, and PDF files, all within a single, user-friendly interface that prioritizes your privacy.

300+ functions plus enhanced privacy

Typography, layouts and collaboration made easy. Control how sensitive details like phone numbers are displayed.

Familiar slides extra peace of mind.

Slides you're familiar with, now with the peace of mind of knowing your work belongs to you. Engage your audience with dynamic animations and sound, all while keeping their data private.

Annotate with assurance

Jot down your thoughts directly on the PDF with highlights, memos, or underlines, knowing your notes are secure.

Relive memories, share moments securely

Keep your treasured photos, videos, and albums secure while sharing memories with loved ones, whether they're from last year or a lifetime ago.

Your data, your control

Your data is always yours. We are committed to complete transparency, assuring you that we never use your data for any other purposes.

Why Pay More For
Less Features and Zero Privacy?

Image comparison table Image comparison table
Price $34.99 for lifetime license $149.99 per year
Data privacy protecton Icon table Icon table
Seamless integration Icon table Icon table
Offline functionality Icon table Icon table
Regular updates Icon table Icon table
Premium support Icon table Icon table
Try Truly Office Risk-Free Available for Windows and iOS
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From our customers


“Totally Worth the Price!!”

As a student who is looking to save money, I find their one-time payment for lifetime access to be very suitable for me! They basically have all the features of Microsoft but without the exorbitant price. I love it!

Mark V., Truly Slides User

“A Lightning-fast, Full-feature Office Suite”

Lightweight with smooth performance and many built-in templates, tools, and functions. The interface is familiar and intuitive, and the suite supports all the file formats I use in my work. The seamless support for multiple platforms is incredible.

Sara A., Truly Office User

“An Excellent Alternative to Microsoft Office”

I highly recommend this excellent substitute for the Office Suite because it offers the fundamental productivity tools at a reasonable cost. Because there is hardly any learning curve, new users can quickly begin using the application. The after sales support is also excellent.

Eric E., Truly Office User

"Exceptional Service"

Exceptional, swift, professional, and I can go on and on about the service I have received when purchasing and getting help from Truly Office team! Thank you! Spreading the word.

Irina M,. Truly Office User



Truly Better Software

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  • All-in-one premium office suite
  • Buy once, use forever - lifetime access!
  • 100% private – never tracks your data
  • Fully compatible with all major formats
  • Save up to 82% compared to MS Office
Try Truly Office Today Available for Windows and Mac

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