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How to Collaborate in Truly Office Word

How to Collaborate in Truly Office Word

Whether you're co-authoring documents, sharing feedback, or managing project timelines, knowing how to collaborate effectively in Truly Word is crucial. This knowledge transforms your team's task completion, ensuring seamless communication and enhancing workflow.

Learn how to collaborate in Truly Word to unlock a new horizon of productivity and teamwork efficiency within Truly Office.

Whether you're co-authoring documents, sharing feedback, or managing project timelines, knowing how to collaborate effectively in Truly Word is crucial. This knowledge transforms your team's task completion, ensuring seamless communication and enhancing workflow.

In this guide, we're diving into collaborative document editing, exploring eight valuable tips to make your experience with Truly Word even more productive and seamless. From comments to version tracking and sharing permissions, these insights will empower you and your peers to work together smoothly and efficiently.

What is Truly Word?

Truly Word is a word processor that offers a wide range of advanced features to create, edit, and collaborate on documents. It's part of the Truly Office suite of productivity tools designed for businesses and teams to work together seamlessly while protecting user privacy. It's the best alternative to Microsoft Word, offering a secure and efficient platform for creating and collaborating on documents.

Perfect for individuals and teams, Truly Word offers various features to make document creation and collaboration a breeze. These include templates, version tracking, commenting features, sharing permissions, and more. It doesn't matter if you're working on an essay or a complex report; Truly Word makes it easy to collaborate with others and create professional-looking documents.

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Collaborating in Truly Word

Collaborating in Truly Word is simple and intuitive. With the following tips, you'll unlock a whole new level of teamwork and efficiency when working on documents with others.

1. Version Tracking and History

Version Tracking and History in Truly Word

Collaborating on documents can be a breeze with Truly Word's helpful version tracking and history feature. Version tracking and history are features designed to keep track of changes made to a document over time.

Truly Word automatically maintains a detailed record of all edits, revisions, and updates made to the document, allowing you to review its evolution and revert to previous versions if needed. This feature is incredibly beneficial for collaboration purposes, particularly when multiple users work on the same document.

Version tracking and history in Truly Word offer transparency and accountability for document edits, enhancing collaboration and productivity. Users can confidently work simultaneously on sections, utilizing invaluable tools for document integrity and smooth collaboration.

2. Commenting and Annotation

Commenting and Annotation in Truly Word

Commenting and annotation in Truly Word allow users to provide feedback, suggestions, and additional information directly within the document. You can insert comments or annotations at specific points in the text to express your thoughts, ask questions, or make clarifications without altering the original content.

This feature in Truly Word promotes collaboration through seamless communication and feedback exchange. Users can comment, highlight sections, attach notes, and engage with other collaborators efficiently, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing, refining, and implementing ideas.

Annotation lets you insert additional information directly into the document, such as drawings, diagrams, or explanatory text. These annotations can provide further context or clarification, enhancing all collaborators' understanding of the document's content. Additionally, annotations can serve as visual aids, helping to illustrate complex concepts or highlight key points within the text.

3. Sharing and Permissions

Sharing and Permissions in Truly Word

When you're working on a group project or assignment, sharing your Truly Word document is like passing a virtual baton. It lets everyone contribute their ideas and insights, improving your work. But it's not just about sharing – it's also about controlling who can do what with your document. This is where permissions come into play.

You can share your documents with others, including email, links, and cloud storage options. However, before sending your document, it's important to make sure you've set the appropriate permissions for each collaborator. This will determine their level of access to the document, such as whether they can edit, comment, or simply view it.

By setting up sharing and permissions in Truly Word, you can ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. It also helps avoid any potential conflicts or issues arising from multiple people editing the document simultaneously.

4. Templates

Templates in Truly Word

One exciting way to enhance your collaboration experience in Truly Word is using templates. Templates are pre-designed documents, complete with formatting and designs to help you kickstart your document creation process. With Truly Word, you can customize and create templates to fit your team's specific needs.

Using templates in collaboration allows team members to work on the same document format, making it easier to incorporate their content seamlessly. It eliminates the need for constant formatting adjustments and ensures that all documents have a consistent and professional appearance. Create one template, send it to your team, and work together to create a cohesive and polished project.

Truly Word offers templates for various document types, including resumes, business plans, reports, etc. You can also create custom templates specific to your team's needs or industry or import templates created for Microsoft Word thanks to Truly Office's compatibility with the .docx format.

5. Backups and Cloud Storage

Backups and Cloud Storage in Truly Word

Protecting your documents and ensuring they are easily accessible is crucial when collaborating with others. That's why Truly Word offers backups and cloud storage options to ensure your documents are safely stored and available for collaboration from anywhere, at any time.

With backups, you can rest assured that your document will always be recoverable in case of accidental deletion or loss. Truly Office offers its own cloud storage solution, called Truly Cloud, which stores your documents securely and allows for easy sharing and collaboration. This integration makes it easy to work on documents with others, no matter where they are located.

When working with digital documents, backups and cloud storage are essential for peace of mind, collaboration, and productivity. With Truly Word, your documents are always safely stored and ready for teamwork whenever you need them.


Truly Word makes it easy to collaborate on documents with others, offering a range of features designed to enhance communication, productivity, and efficiency. From version tracking and history to commenting and annotation, sharing and permissions, templates, backups and cloud storage options – Truly Word has got you covered for seamless collaboration.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of teamwork in Truly Word.

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