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microsoft office 365 issues

Common Problems With Microsoft Office 365 and their Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 is a popular software suite that provides users with various productivity tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. While Office 365 offers numerous benefits, it has its fair share of problems and challenges.

Microsoft Office 365 is a popular software suite that provides users with various productivity tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. While Office 365 offers numerous benefits, it has its fair share of problems and challenges.

With the surge of remote work, accessing professional tools in the comfort of your home has become all the more important. Whether you're a student attending an online course or a work-from-home professional who recently switched to remote work, Microsoft 365 - formerly Office 365 - offers a range of products to help you stay productive and connected.

However, while Office 365 offers numerous benefits, it's becoming more and more evident that the suite could be better. Despite Microsoft's attempts to improve the product, users have complained about recurring problems with Office 365. In this article, we will explore some common issues that users may encounter when using Microsoft Office 365 and provide tips on addressing them effectively.


One major point of contention is Microsoft Office 365's pricing structure. While the software suite undeniably offers many features, the associated costs are often excessive. Users are locked into a recurring subscription model, paying regular fees for software access. This ongoing financial commitment concerns many individuals who prefer a more flexible payment option or a one-time purchase.

The consequences of Microsoft Office 365's pricing structure extend beyond the financial aspect. The subscription-based model raises concerns about the long-term sustainability and accessibility of essential productivity tools. Users find themselves in a constant state of dependency on Microsoft's pricing decisions and policy changes, with limited control over the cost of using the software.

This lack of flexibility and transparency can create an undercurrent of frustration and hinder the ability of individuals and organizations to plan and manage their budgets effectively.


Consider exploring alternative office productivity suites that offer similar features to Microsoft Office 365 but with different pricing models. Evaluate your actual usage needs and determine if downgrading to a lower-tier plan or using standalone software options can fulfill your requirements at a lower cost.

Additionally, explore cheaper alternatives, such as Truly Office. Stay informed about market trends and competitors to make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements, budget, and preferences.

Installation and Activation Issues

One of the most frequent problems users face with Microsoft Office 365 is installation and activation difficulties. This becomes incredibly frustrating, especially when you're eager to try the suite's various features.

Sometimes, users may experience errors or encounter compatibility issues with their operating system or hardware configuration that hinder installation. This could result in the Microsoft Office 365 installation being stuck on 0% or stuck on 99%, often for hours at a time, not finishing the installation process.

Many users have complained about the suite installing corrupt files or crashing during installation. In this case, you won't be able to open any applications, setting you up for hours of confusing troubleshooting. This, paired with Microsoft's lackluster customer support, is enough to drive any Office 365 user up the wall.

Additionally, activating the software can be daunting for some users, leading to frustration and delays in accessing Office 365. Even with a new product key, you might run into problems due to the suite using online activation technology. Anything starting from your firewall, antivirus and ISP can block this process and cause delays.


Dealing with installation and activation issues in Microsoft Office 365 can be frustrating, but you can take steps to address them. Ensure your system meets requirements, be patient during installation, and reinstall if necessary. Troubleshoot any activation roadblocks caused by security software or network issues.

Compatibility Problems

Another challenge users may encounter is compatibility issues between Microsoft Office 365 and other software applications. For example, some third-party plugins or add-ins may not work seamlessly with Office 365, causing disruptions or functionality limitations. In severe cases, incompatible apps might even cause crashes and corrupt files.

This can be particularly problematic for individuals or businesses relying on specific software integrations to streamline workflows.

On top of application compatibility issues, Microsoft Office 365 has also encountered problems with various operating systems. For example, Microsoft doesn't officially support any Linux distributions, causing several users to experience compatibility issues when using the software on Linux-based machines.


Dealing with compatibility issues with Microsoft Office 365 and other software applications can be frustrating. To mitigate these problems, it's important to stay informed about updates, contact developers for support, and explore alternative plugins or add-ins if needed. It's also advised to thoroughly research and test compatibility before committing to a solution.

Open-source and third-party options are available for Linux-based systems like Wine, PlayOnLinux, and CrossOver. By taking a proactive and strategic approach, users can enhance software functionality and ensure a smoother experience with Office 365.

Security and Privacy Concerns

One of the biggest concerns raised by users of Microsoft Office 365 is the lack of in-depth security and privacy controls. Even though Microsoft does a great job providing detailed support documents, many users feel overwhelmed when configuring their security settings. It's also unclear how your data is used and what measures Microsoft takes to ensure it remains private and secure.

Furthermore, Office 365's default settings leave much to be desired regarding privacy protection. For example, users may find that their documents are automatically shared with others in the organization, increasing the risk of data breaches or accidental data disclosure.

Cloud-based applications can be hacked or infiltrated, making your data vulnerable to malicious attacks.


While Microsoft Office 365 is widely used in many organizations, some users concerned about privacy may want to explore alternative solutions. Truly Office, for example, is a privacy-focused office suite that prioritizes user data security. It offers transparency about data usage and privacy controls that give you more assurance about the safety of your information.

Exploring alternatives like Truly Office can align your software choices with your privacy values.

Slow Performance & Updates

Many users have reported experiencing slow performance with certain applications in Microsoft Office 365. This issue may be caused by using an older PC or laptop, but upgrading may not always be an option, especially when using a device issued by a school or organization.

Users have reported that Office 365's updates can cause performance issues in addition to slow performance. Some users have mentioned that the suite started running noticeably slower after updating Office 365 to its latest version. Additionally, new updates may introduce a range of new bugs and exploits, which can lead to a cycle of waiting for fixes.

Although Microsoft is continuously improving Office 365 and releasing timely updates, these upgrades can often cause more harm than good.


Optimize your device for better performance by closing unnecessary background applications, reducing startup programs, and ensuring adequate free storage space. Consider lightweight alternatives to resource-intensive Office 365 applications for older hardware.

Control your update preferences to avoid potential issues with new updates. Monitor online forums and support communities for information about known issues and potential workarounds. If performance issues arise after updating Office 365, try rolling back to a previous version.

Interface Complexity and Learning Curve

Microsoft Office 365, with its expansive offering of features and functionalities, aims to provide users with a comprehensive suite of productivity tools. However, while the software suite undoubtedly possesses a wealth of potential, its overwhelming complexity and steep learning curve can hinder users' experience and impede their ability to harness its full capabilities.

One of the glaring drawbacks that can't be overlooked is the convoluted user interface of Microsoft Office 365. Navigating through the countless menus, submenus, and options becomes arduous, often leaving users feeling bewildered and frustrated.

Moreover, the learning curve associated with Microsoft Office 365 proves to be a significant obstacle for many users. While a certain degree of complexity is expected in a robust software suite, Office 365's learning curve surpasses what is reasonable. It demands a substantial investment of time and effort from users to grasp its intricacies fully.


To make the most of Microsoft Office 365, consider utilizing online resources such as tutorials and video guides provided by Microsoft. Breaking your learning process into manageable chunks and focusing on specific applications or features can help reduce overwhelm.

Enrolling in training courses or workshops can accelerate your learning, and customizing the interface to suit your workflow can streamline your work process.

Limited Offline Access

While Office 365 is primarily designed as a comprehensive cloud-based service, it's important to acknowledge that users may encounter situations where internet access is limited or even unavailable. In such cases, relying solely on web-based applications might not be practical or feasible.

Microsoft does offer offline access to certain Office 365 applications. However, this offline functionality is restricted compared to the extensive features available when connected to the online environment.


The best thing you can do regarding offline access is choose a productivity suite that prioritizes offline access - such as Truly Office. With Truly Office, users can access a full suite of applications that can be used offline on any device.

Technical Support and Customer Service

Microsoft's customer support has received its fair share of negative feedback, and the issues raised are not isolated incidents. Many Microsoft Office 365 customers have expressed dissatisfaction with various service aspects.

Microsoft's reliance on automated systems and chatbots has been a contention. While automation can be useful for routine problems, it tends to fall short when dealing with more complex or unique issues. Many customers have voiced their frustration at the difficulty of reaching a human agent when facing such problems, resulting in unresolved issues and a sense of neglect.

Long wait times and communication problems with Microsoft's customer support have frustrated and dissatisfied customers. These recurring issues indicate systemic problems that must be addressed for a better support experience. Improvement of Microsoft's customer support infrastructure is urgently needed.


Unfortunately, the best and often only way to get help with Microsoft Office 365 is through online forums and support communities. If you're a beginner or not tech-savvy, we recommend choosing a productivity suite with a reputable customer service team, such as Truly Office.

The team at Truly Office is well-trained in providing help in many areas, so you can be sure you're getting the right help when needed. Plus, their customer service team prides themselves on providing fast and reliable support – they'll ensure your technical questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.


Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent suite of productivity tools that offers a host of features. However, due to its complexity and steep learning curve, users may experience difficulties in making the most of the software. Furthermore, an unreliable customer support system can make troubleshooting and resolving problems even more challenging.

If any of these issues are a dealbreaker, we highly recommend exploring lightweight alternatives that prioritize ease of use and user experience, such as Truly Office. With its intuitive interface and robust customer service team, you won't have to worry about the hurdles associated with Microsoft Office 365.

Truly Office is your go-to office suite for reliable productivity tools without the headaches. Try it out today and see for yourself!

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