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The Best Cursive Fonts in Microsoft Word

Font choice is important when creating a professional document that stands out. With hundreds of thousands of options, choosing the right font for your document can be overwhelming. However, you can get the perfect look for your project in no time if you have a vision.

When giving your text a sophisticated and elegant touch, cursive fonts in Microsoft Word are an excellent choice.

Font choice is important when creating a professional document that stands out. With hundreds of thousands of options, choosing the right font for your document can be overwhelming. However, you can get the perfect look for your project in no time if you have a vision.

This article explores some of the best cursive fonts available in Microsoft Word to help you choose a perfect match for your needs. From formal documents to creative projects, these beautifully designed cursive typefaces add a unique style that elevates your work.

What are Fonts?

Fonts are typefaces that are used to display text content on various devices. They define the visual characteristics of written communication, such as size, shape, and style. In other words, fonts are the physical representation of a typeface. Even the text you're reading is set in a specific font!

Fonts are used in a variety of ways, both online and offline. They're typically designed with specific characteristics to provide an organized structure for displaying text. Fonts are measured by their point size and symbol density, affecting how the letters appear onscreen or in print.

Cursive fonts are typefaces with characters styled with decorative strokes, making them look more like written handwriting than printed letterforms. Cursive fonts often feature dynamic connections between letters, allowing for smoother composition when writing longer words or sentences. They're very popular for invitations, greeting cards, logo design, and signage.

Fonts in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word uses the fonts installed on your computer for formatting documents. By default, your system has a selection of fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. However, you can purchase additional fonts or download free ones online. Any font you install on your device will automatically be added to Microsoft Word.

Fonts allow you to customize the look and feel of your documents. They can make text stand out, convey important information, or highlight specific parts of a document.

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Best Cursive Fonts in Microsoft Word

Whether you want your text to look handwritten or to add a bit of elegance, here are some of the best cursive fonts to use in your Microsoft Word documents.

Learning Curve BV by Jess Latham

Learning Curve BV font

The Learning Curve font is a cursive typeface that beautifully captures the art of handwriting. Its elegant, legible, and consistent letters make it an ideal choice for various applications, including documents and headers. It offers a solid line and a dashed version, allowing for decorative versatility.

Lecteur Heureux by JBFoundry

Lecteur Heureux font

Introducing Lecteur Heureux font, a symbol of inclusivity and understanding for dyslexic children. Designed with compassion, this font provides a refuge of legibility, allowing anyone to explore the wonders of written language with newfound confidence. Each cursive character stands apart, guiding them through the complexity of words.

Lecteur Heureux's magic lies in its use of Contextual Alternates, a feature that Microsoft Word offers for empowering readers. This font seamlessly adapts to the text, ensuring dyslexic readers have a better reading experience. Lecteur Heureux is a reliable font advocating inclusive communication, whether it's body text, book titles, or invitations.

Alamain by Eric Leproust

Alamain font

Alamain is a wonderful cursive font with a lot of personality. Its dynamic forms, curved lines, and stylishly rounded ends bring an air of sophistication to your text. Whether you choose regular or bold weights, Alamain will surely add a touch of class to any document.

Arsenale White by Zetafonts

Arsenale White font

Arsenale White is a script font created through the collaborative efforts of various talented graphic designers. This unique font captures the essence of a child's handwriting, exuding a sense of innocence and playfulness. Its delightful charm makes it the perfect choice for any design project that seeks to evoke a whimsical and lighthearted atmosphere.

Whether creating graphics for children's books, playful advertisements, or cheerful greeting cards, Arsenale White will bring youthful joy to your designs.

Abecedary by Yves Michel

Abecedary font

This font boasts remarkable versatility, making it a prime choice for many applications, especially logos and titles. However, it can even serve as a body font. Abecedary offers four widths and operates as a variable font, ensuring adaptability across various contexts.

Abecedary incorporates a captivating titling feature in capital letters and has undergone meticulous design enhancements for specific characters. The font seamlessly integrates connections, ligatures, alternative letterforms, and diacritics, accommodating numerous languages, including Czech, Polish, Icelandic, and Vietnamese.

Little Days by West Wind Fonts

Little Days font

The Little Days font is another prime example of what a cursive font can be used for. This font was designed to give creative projects a whimsical and joyful atmosphere, perfect for branding and lettering. Its elegant lines and smooth connections make it ideal for bold headlines and body text.

Little Days offers a main version, an alternative version with character variations, and a stylish third version with decorated outlines called Little Daisy.

Gruenewald VA by Peter Wiegel

Gruenewald VA font

Gruenewald VA is an extensive cursive font with various special characters to meet your cursive needs regardless of language or context. This font's unique character design makes it perfect for body text but also stands out in titles and logos. It's a perfect choice for crafting titles, logos, and invitations with a hint of neat elegance.

Mamãe Que Nos Faz by Rafael Pereira

Mamae Que Nos Faz font

This cursive font, designed for school use, carries a simple yet elegant charm, making it an excellent choice for enhancing penmanship skills. The flowing strokes and balanced spacing facilitate smooth writing, making any document more pleasant to read.

Beyond its functional attributes, the Mamãe Que Nos Faz font holds a heartfelt story - it was lovingly created as a tribute to the designer's mother, a dedicated teacher. Whether creating a school project or looking for the perfect cursive font to make your documents and logos stand out, Mamãe Que Nos Faz is an excellent choice.

Bimbo by Zetafonts

Bimbo font

Bimbo is a monoline script font family created in 2018 by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts. With open counters and a monoline design, Bimbo offers small-sized readability. It is an ideal font for creating fake handwritten notes and metatextual jokes.

Bimbo is a versatile font with six new weights and over 300 additional characters. It maintains the original handmade aesthetic while enhancing readability and elegance by supporting more than 70 languages, including Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets. Perfect for minimal lettering and logos, Bimbo's handwritten sensibility is accentuated by its built-in letter-swapping open type feature, ensuring distinct double letters.

Josemima by José Noé González

Josemima font

The Josemima font perfectly captures cursive writing, with slightly shaky lines that imitate handwriting movement. Its dynamic forms and distinctive unevenness make it ideal for crafting unique logos, titles, and invitations - especially those with a vintage feel. Whether used as a body font or for fun and decorative purposes, Josemima will always impress.


Cursive fonts offer various options for making your documents attractive and legible. Microsoft Word provides access to a range of beautiful cursive typefaces from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether for invitations, greeting cards, logos, or titles, finding the right font helps bring a touch of elegance and clarity to your documents.

This article has helped you select the perfect cursive font for your project. Happy writing!

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